Your Life Path Life Mapping Tools to Help You Follow Your Heart and Live Your Dream, Now! By Dr. Linda K. Watts
Your Life Path provides a self-discovery–based personal growth and development toolkit. It applies the concept of life mapping, which is a simple, fun, and comprehensive method for reflecting on your past and "re-modeling" your future. This is the perfect book for anyone facing significant life transitions or who simply desires to gain greater awareness about his or her own life story. Your Life Path combines rich, well-illustrated discussion from the author’s extensive research and case studies with practical, hands-on creative tools that engage and guide the life mappers through a gradual, self-paced repertoire of journaling, active imagination, and creative representation tools in order to help them realize their value-driven goals and arrive at a better understanding of some of their most persistent inner conflicts. Dr. Watts's program helps life mappers strengthen adaptive strategies in order to enrich their life's journey and assist them in achieving their dreams.
TitleYour Life Path
SubtitleLife Mapping Tools to Help You Follow Your Heart and Live Your Dream, Now!
AuthorBy Dr. Linda K. Watts
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintCarrel Books
Published6 March 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.

About the author

Dr. Linda K. Watts is associate professor of anthropology at the University of Colorado—Colorado Springs where she is also a professor of cultural and linguistic anthropology. She has published two academic books, several peer-reviewed academic journal articles and invited book reviews, and several freelance magazine memoir pieces.

Your Life Path is balm for the soul and inspiration for the journey of life. Dr. Watts has tapped and trained the powers of our collective unconscious to produce a practical guide through the archetypes of our dreams and a wide array of world myth to a better understanding of where to take ourselves amidst the whirl of maya and karma that we call our lives.”

--Dr. Brian Duvick, author of Proclus: On Plato Cratylus

"In this time of accelerated change, life may seem chaotic. Understanding the patterns at play in your life can help you make sense of these changes and prepare you to meet the demands of the future. Life Path Mapping offers tools for uncovering these patterns. The tools show you how to make sense of your diverse story. This process uncovers your Life Metaphor so you see the deeper meaning beneath your accomplishments."

--Nin Sharyn Bebeau, author of Archetypes of Soul

"An in-depth, information rich guide to taking control of your future, with powerful exercises for living the life you want.”

--Sarah Centrella, author of Hustle Believe Receive
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