Fountain of Youth Nutritional Therapies By David Vastola
There is ample scientific evidence suggesting that taking a daily multivitamin-and-mineral supplement is a sensible precaution to help avoid nutrient deficiencies. But making sense of sometimes confusing and contradictory information can be a challenge. In The Fountain of Youth, Dr. David Vastola demystifies the complicated world of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and herbs.

Dr. Vastola’s common-sense approach, combined with the science to back it up, explains what product labels do not. He makes clear that FDA, RDA, and directional use provided on bottles are not necessarily individually applicable. Since each person’s physical makeup is unique, the author “defragments” nutrient information based on individual characteristics.

The author maintains that the term “vitamins” is a misnomer; because when it comes to nutrient therapy, consumers must consider not only vitamins but minerals, trace elements, and herbal remedies. In The Fountain of Youth Dr. Vastola provides fundamental information about how, when, and why all forms of supplements are so important. His book provides a guide not only to understanding these important nutritional additives, but to using them appropriately as well.
TitleFountain of Youth
SubtitleNutritional Therapies
AuthorBy David Vastola
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintCarrel Books
Published9 May 2017
FormatElectronic book text

About the author

Dr. David Vastola has been practicing internal medicine and gastroenterology since 1973. He served as the Chief of Gastroenterology Deaconess Hospital, Buffalo, where he was an assistant clinical professor of medicine and taught for five years in the School of Medicine and Pharmacy. Dr. Vastola was elected to the University of Buffalo Admissions Committee and the National Medical Honor Medical Society.

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